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VST Validation

How to Manually Validate VST plug-ins

Nuendo and Cubase users -
From the main menu select - Devices - Plug-in Information
Click on Re-scan , Then look at the list below to see if there is a check in the left most column next to each URS Plug-in. If the URS plug-ins do not show up in the list, please make sure your iLok is inserted and the green light on the iLok is lit.

Wavelab users -
From the main menu select - Options, then Preferences.  Under the General tab, you’ll see an option to set your VST folder for Wavelab.  Also, you can go back to Options, and pick Organize Plugins and set things the way you want them.  There is not an update button, but if you shut down Wavelab and then restart, it seems to scan fairly well

Cakewalk Sonar users -
For VST plug-ins to run as DX plugins in Sonar, they have to be validated with Cakewalk's VST Adapter 4. Please note that Sonar v4.02 uses an improved Cakewalk VST adapter. Users of Sonar prior to v4.02 are encouraged to ugrade to Sonar v4.02

Run the VST adapter and check that your VST plug-ins directory is listed it the top window. Also make sure that your URS plug-ins are installed in that directory. Next put a check next to "re-scan failed plug-ins". Run the adapter and if you get the error message asking you is you wish to enable the URS A and N series EQ plug-ins, click on enable. When the VST adapter in finished scanning, make sure there is a check mark next to each URS plug-in. If there is not a check mark, right click on each URS plug-in and select properties. Then enable the URS plug-ins by putting a check mark next to each one.

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