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All of our TDM and Native 32bit Individual plug-ins are now $49.99

Strip Pro & Strip TDM and Native Bundle now $99.99

URSPlugins custom compressors and equalizers

URS Classic Console Strip Pro v2.0
Our Ultimate Multi-Console In the Box solution!
Create Hundreds of Custom Console Configurations
Here's your palette:
30 Selectable Input Stage Algorithms
60 Selectable Compressor/Limiter starting points
5 Auto Release Algorithms
4 Band Fully Sweepable Parametric EQ
5 Selectable EQ Algorithms for each band
Compressor Wet/Dry Mix Control
Compressor Normal or Fast Attack Algorithms
Channel Filters - Pre or Post Compressor or Sidechainable
Powerful De-esser and Ducker
Plus other included special effects
Interactive Signal Flow- Path Display Section
Super DSP efficient URS Classic Console Strip included


URS N4 Series EQ
Digitally recreates the sound of a vintage British Six Band Equalizer (4 bands plus HP/LP Filters).

The URS N4 series equalizer is very broad banded and musical.
It is a must have tool for recording and sweetening drums and bass. It is smooth and silky and a little goes a long way.

URS Phat C
Saturation and Compression
  • Six Saturation algorithims VCA, Opto, Fet, Tranny, Tape and Tube.
  • Saturation wet/dry mix control
  • Compression wet/dry mix control

URS Saturation plug-in v2.5
Ten Vinatge Analog Algorithms that digitally recreate:
  • Tape, Tube, Transformer and Discrete Analog Saturation
  • Even and Odd Ordered Harmoincs
  • Soft Clipping

URS M Series EQ Bundle
Two rare vintage equalizers that
shaped American Music and Cinema!
  • MotorCity seven band EQ 
  • Vintage Cinema seven band EQ 
URS Everything Equalizer and Compressor Bundle 
Our ultimate bundle of Classic Console and Program equalizers,  Classic Console and Classic compressors!   Includes:
  • all twelve of our Equalizers
  • all six of our Compressors

Everything Equalizer Bundle
Our complete package of twelve Classic Console and Program equalizers
Classic Console EQ + Compressor Bundle
Our most popular Equalizers and Compressors in one super valued bundle.  The 8 plug-in average $200.00 ea TDM and $100 each Native. 
Classic Console Equalizer Bundle
Our most popular Equalizers bundle.  Now includes 4 plug-ins 

Classic Console Compressor Bundle
This complete package includes four of our Classic Console Compressor plug-ins
S series EQ - S MIX EQ Bundle
This complete package includes both the S series EQ and the S MIX EQ.
FullTec Program EQ - BLT Program EQ Bundle
Our complete Program EQ package includes the 5 band FullTec EQ and 2 band BLT EQ.

URS Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Support
A revolutionary way to control our Mac OSX plug-ins using a wheel mouse with a Scroll Wheel. Fastest way to control knobs, sliders, windows, switches and buttons Works with all leading wheel mouse models!
The most musical equalizers known in our industry have been digitally recreated for your Pro Tools and Native system. Our 192k multi-shell plug-ins support TDM, RTAS, Audio Units and VST. They run on MBox, Digi001, Digi002, MIX, HD and HD Accel and all Native Systems.

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